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KPWM - Portland Intl. Jetport

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Portland International Jetport (PWM, KPWM) is located in Maine, the United States, north of Boston. Portland offers a great diversity in flights from daily airline connections to cities like Washington, New York and Chicago to Cargo operations with FedEx, but also smaller general aviation or regional routes. This airport has grown quite significantly over the years and it is fortunately still growing. It handled nearly 2 million passengers in 2022 and to cope with this growth they completed a la...

Aerosoft Contrail iniBuilds Marketplace  Orbx 
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Aerosoft $17.95 ex tax
Contrail $18.85 ex tax
iniBuilds $19.39 ex tax
Marketplace $16.99 ex tax
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Orbx $18.75 ex tax