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Kukes (LAKU)

4.8 (4)

LAKU – Kukes International Airport Zayed

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LATI - Tirana International Airport

4.15 (17)

Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza (IATA: TIA, ICAO: LATI), is the the largest and busiest airport in Albania. Depart from Tirana and make a VFR flight over lake Scutari or until lake Ohrid (the balkan pearl). Take a scheduled IFR flight to Europe or Middle East. iniBuilds Marketplace  SimMarket 
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Tirana Nene Tereza (LATI)

3.8 (8)

Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza, often referred to as the Rinas International Airport, is one of the two main international airports of the Republic of Albania. It serves the city of Tirana, its metropolitan area, and surrounding region in the county of Tirana. The airport is named in honour of the Albanian Roman Catholic nun and missionary, Mother Teresa. It is located 6 nautical miles (11 kilometres; 6. 9 miles) northwest of Tirana, in the municipality of Kruje, Durres County. It offe...

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