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Amman Civil (OJAM)

Amman Civil Airport (IATA: ADJ, ICAO: OJAM) commonly known as Marka International Airport, is an unscheduled airport located in Marka district, Greater Amman Municipality, Jordan, some 5 km (3. 1 mi; 2. 7 NM) north-east of Amman city center. After being the city's main airport from 1950 until 1983, there are no scheduled commercial passenger flights at the airport anymore. However, it still serves as Amman's main airport for general aviation, and moreover as an aviation education and training hu...

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Aqaba Intl OJAQ

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Queen Alia (OJAI)

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Queen Alia International Airport (IATA: AMM, ICAO: OJAI) is Jordan's main and largest airport and is located in Zizya 30 kilometres (20 mi) south of the capital city, Amman. It is named after Queen Alia, who died in a helicopter crash in 1977. The airport is home to the country's national flag carrier, Royal Jordanian Airlines and serves as a major hub for Jordan Aviation.

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