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BD5J Livery Pack

4.2 (5)
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Marketplace $4.99 ex tax
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Bede BD-5J

3.9 (452)
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$13.99 ex tax
$12.54 ex tax
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Marketplace $13.99 ex tax
SimMarket $12.54 ex tax
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C-160 Transall

4.6 (834)

After its retirement from the French military service in 2022 and more than 1. 000. 000 flight hours combined, it is time for the Transall to live a second life in Flight Simulator 2020!It accomplished thousands of missions, flew above hundreds of countries and has been involved in numerous humanitarian missions.
We just wanted to salute this Franco-German aviation emblem.
The development has been conducted along with real pilots and true Transall connoisseurs. A big thanks to the "Musée...

Contrail Marketplace  Orbx SimMarket 
$36.66 ex tax
$32.99 ex tax
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$33.85 ex tax
$35.96 ex tax
Contrail $36.66 ex tax
Marketplace $32.99 ex tax
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Orbx $33.85 ex tax
SimMarket $35.96 ex tax

Fouga CM.170 Magister

4.6 (588)

One of the most famous and distinctive jet trainer to ever have been used by the French Air Force, and today a real aerobatics companion appearing in airshows all around the world.
Based on the CM. 170 Magister featuring Marboré II engines, our aicraft has been built from the ground-up exclusively for MSFS 2020.
A very neat work allowed us to propose this detailed 3D model, one step above what you will commonly find in the game. A special attention was given to aircraft systems, and you ...

Contrail Marketplace  Orbx 
$23.33 ex tax
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$24.99 ex tax
$25.05 ex tax
Contrail $23.33 ex tax
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Marketplace $24.99 ex tax
Orbx $25.05 ex tax

Fouga Magister

$22.69 ex tax
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SimMarket $22.69 ex tax
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LFLY Lyon-Bron Airport

4.2 (11)
$11.99 ex tax
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Marketplace $11.99 ex tax
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LFOU Cholet Le Pontreau Airport

4.3 (122)
$5.99 ex tax
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LFTH Toulon-Hyères Airport

3.7 (86)
$10.49 ex tax
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OV-10 Bronco

4.7 (178)

Recognizable with its unique silhouette, the OV-10 Bronco is one of the most famous light attack and observation aircraft. Initially developed in the 1960s and extensively use in several countries, it has proven to be a durable and flexible platform, and is still flying today for various roles including firefighting. With its short takeoff and landing (STOL) capabilities, the Bronco can operate from unimproved sites and even from aircraft carriers. Its maneuverability and a cockpit that offers u...

Contrail Marketplace  Orbx SimMarket 
$32.21 ex tax
$28.99 ex tax
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$30.47 ex tax
$31.60 ex tax
Contrail $32.21 ex tax
Marketplace $28.99 ex tax
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Orbx $30.47 ex tax
SimMarket $31.60 ex tax

Socata TB-30 Epsilon

Welcome in the natural continuation of the French training aircraft lineage.
After our well received Fouga Magister, we decided to create the replacement, introduced in the eighties for initial pilot training in the French Air Force.
Always committed to develop a faithfully reproduction, we had the chance this time to fly on a real TB-30 to feel the aircraft and to collect any data we needed during projet development.
Our TB-30 Epsilon is based on a civilian converted model, where ev...

$18.89 ex tax
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Contrail $18.89 ex tax
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