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CNC4 - Guelph Airpark

5.0 (20)

According to Wikipedia, Guelph Airport is located 1. 3 nautical miles northeast of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. It consists of two runways, 14/32 and 06/24. Although known to residents as the "Guelph Airport" or "Guelph Airpark", it is actually an aerodrome, being registered, and not certified, by Transport Canada. The airport was founded in 1954 by aviation enthusiast Len Ariss, the aerodrome remained in the Ariss family until August 2011 when it was sold to Mr. Inglis Berry• High fidelity, high pe...

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Contrail $5.54 ex tax
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CYKF - Waterloo Airport

4.7 (35)

According to Wikipedia, Region of Waterloo International Airport or Kitchener/Waterloo Airport is an international airport serving the Regional Municipality of Waterloo in Woolwich, Ontario, Canada, southwest of Toronto. The airport is classified as an airport of entry by Nav Canada and is staffed by the Canada Border Services Agency. • Accurate replica of Region of Waterloo International Airport• Accurate modelling from original images and other sources• Correct runway elevations• Canadian runw...

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CYYZ - Toronto Pearson International Airport

2.6 (10)

Toronto Lester B. Pearson International airport (CYYZ) is the largest and busiest airport in Canada, the second busiest international gateway. . . SimMarket 
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CZBA - Burlington Airpark

4.9 (15)

Burlington Executive Airport (CZBA) is an uncontrolled airport in southern Ontario, Canada and was founded by Victor and Gwen Kovachik in 1962. Being one of the busiest general aviation airports in Ontario, Burlington Executive Airport thrives with dozens of general aviation departures and arrivals each day. CZBA is home to Spectrum Airways, a popular local flight school, as well as over 100 privately owned hangars and an aircraft maintenance facility. Located close to Lake Ontario and next to t...

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PHLI - Lihue Airport

3.9 (24)

Lihue Airport (IATA: LIH, ICAO: PHLI, FAA LID: LIH) is a state-owned public-use airport located in the Lihue CDP on. . . Marketplace  SimMarket 
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