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Iowa City (KIOW)

Iowa City Municipal Airport (ICAO: KIOW / IATA: IOW) is a public airport two miles southwest of downtown Iowa City, in Johnson County, Iowa. It is the civil airport west of the Mississippi River still in its original location. Iowa Airport is 683 ft / 208 m AMSL above.

iniBuilds SimMarket 
$8.43 ex tax
$7.62 ex tax
  • Best Price
iniBuilds $8.43 ex tax
SimMarket $7.62 ex tax
  • Best Price


4.0 (1)
$7.49 ex tax
  • Best Price
Marketplace $7.49 ex tax
  • Best Price

LIBC CROTONE Sant'Anna Airport

5.0 (3)
Marketplace  SimMarket 
$9.49 ex tax
  • Best Price
$11.98 ex tax
Marketplace $9.49 ex tax
  • Best Price
SimMarket $11.98 ex tax

Tucuruí (SBTU)

4.8 (4)

Tucurui (Claudio Fúrman) is a Regional Airport 5km Away from Tucurui, on Pará, Brazil, Tucurui recently received a makeover, completely changing its design and layout, including new paintwork in the terminal, new parking and more. Tucurui receives regular flights from Azul Conecta, connecting Tucurui to Belém via a passenger C208.

iniBuilds Marketplace  SimMarket 
$8.82 ex tax
$6.49 ex tax
  • Best Price
$8.71 ex tax
iniBuilds $8.82 ex tax
Marketplace $6.49 ex tax
  • Best Price
SimMarket $8.71 ex tax